Deadlocks are the industry leading deterrent for breaking & entering for most vehicles. They are additional locks fitted to any door, manually operated by the driver and independent from the vehicles standard locking system. We are serious about vehicle security and only install the best products in the industry, contact us today for more information.

Dead Lock & Ford Rep Lock Installation in Croydon

If you are serious about protecting your tools in your van, it’s good to be informed about he options you have for anti-theft solutions. We’ve been installing deadlocks on vans for over 30 years and stand our work, we also have lots of testimonials from our happy customers. The deadlocks we use are at the forefront of design and development and offer a bespoke anti-theft solution for all vehicles.


Dead Lock & Ford Rep Lock Security in Croydon

As you are probably aware, vehicle crime has unfortunately increased in South London and Surrey over the last few years and vehicle security in South Croydon should be take very seriously. Thieves in the UK have been using new methods to break into vehicles and criminals have been know to use battery powered tools and most have become increasingly more specific and sophisticated. Therefore up to deadlocks have needed to evolve in order to provide the vehicle owner with effective deterrents.


Our range of professional Dead Locks & Ford Rep Locks in Croydon

We have large range of dead locks and ford rep locks to cover all vehicles in Croydon. We source the highest quality products and install them using the best quality tools. All our dead locks are robust and manufactured from high-grade materials. We have over 30 years of experience in the vehicle security industry, which has allowed us to provide security solutions that stay ahead of the criminals.


Mobile Dead Lock Fitting Services in Croydon

If you are looking to protect your vehicle from thieves, and you are on the move then rest assured that we have a team of installers that are based in Croydon. Our mobile dead lock and ford rep lock team are experts in the industry and install all new products on site. We supply and fit the best products in South London click here to contact us.